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Media Projection

Series of projections played on loop, spanning 4m across the wall

This series of glitched GIFs is a compilation of film photos of my house that I recently moved out from. I tasked myself to view this familiar space as an object in order to depart from it emotionally. Glitches are corruptions of files when compressed incorrectly. Similar to shifting, items are thrown out or lost along the way. By glitching these images, both detachment and a new understanding of the space is expressed, along with a form of self commentary on my behaviour during this period. This piece worked as a medium that allowed for that transitory space. The manipulation of each frame’s codes altered the images to create a new sense of space as well as place. The intention for projecting the piece was to maintain that distance and mitigate any form of tangibility. 

Video projection in exhibition space 

Stills from video 

Samples of sketchbook pages for this project:

Glitch art reference artists, understanding the methods/coding on how to glitch images, 

some trial and error on the “Find and Replace” method, some results of digital manipulation

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