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April 2020 - On going


Oil on canvas, sizes vary (tiny)

tiny painting com4.jpg

These tiny paintings started with the second part of the painting series, The City Watches Me and I Can't Fall Asleep. Where the innocent search for materials to work with during the lockdown turned into an opportunity for me to have quick practices in oil. I could very easily paint these images in my head and I enjoyed the accessibility of the practice compared to the usual bigger set ups.

Slowly, it really allowed me to create an intimacy with the materials and let me really deep dive into tiny details that I really enjoyed experimenting on. 

I currently do commissioned pieces for these tiny paintings.

tiny painting 2.jpg

The above was a commissioned piece of someone's living room space. 

tiny painting.jpg

The above piece, Miss Boogeylady, is a re-imagination of fabled "Boogeyman". 

Sometimes when I walk pass my bed, I see the figure of Miss Boogeylady through my mirror. When I look back at the bed, it's just a pile of pillows. This is a visualization of how it would be if I met eye to eye with her one day. Her, laying there waiting like Manet's Olympia- unfazed, nonchalant. I am behind the curtains, afraid; but perhaps I have been waiting for her too. 

tiny paintings.jpg

This is my most recent commissioned tiny painting that came in a pair.


"A little capture of a familiar walk to uni, climbing the hills under the bluest skies and crazy heat; rain trees for a little shade of relief. The tar roads are crusting under your feet and you rush to reach a crossroads. They're telling you that any direction you take will set you on a journey you're meant to be on: to move ahead, slow down or stop. " 

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