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July 2022

Oil on canvas 

30 x 30 inches


Just Tired For Some Reason is based on my bedroom- a place I've spent a lot of my time in especially during bouts of anxiety. The domestic space becomes an external representation of the mental state of chaos that more often than not, is expressed as just being tired (the used bed). As with the running exploration in my practice, the notion of home is questioned when a place that provides comfort, can also become a place that ultimately traps you.


The crack on the ceiling, the flooding room and the big wave in the window concerns this scenario with a slow impending, suspenseful pressure that contrasts with the uneasy stillness of the bed, the bedside table, the pictures on the wall, the wall light. This incongruence is ultimately the depiction of paralysis when overwhelmed with feeling or thought.


However terrifying, the element of water is also cleansing. A feeling that perhaps after the wave subsides and washes away the past, that one can start again albeit the grief of loss. The empty glass on the table and the digital clock are reminders that time is still passing. This moment becomes a point of decision; a reminder that time heals and worries ebb and flow like the waves.

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