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Video Projection with audio– EPILEPSY WARNING

A 6 minute video played in a small black box room, spanning 2m across a flat wall 

This video projection with audio is a series of flashing images accompanied by an audio track that was self-recorded, manipulated and pieced together to accompany the beat and tempo of the flashing images. These images were collected during my stay at Wimbledon over the summer. These were places and buildings that I would walk past on the daily. The audio that accompanies the video projection was from a collection of audio recordings of my daily walks as well (ambience sounds of cars, honks, chatters). I was interested in the notion of frames after a gallery visit. The idea first took my interest because I realised that frames affect the way we perceive our surroundings and extracting these frames from our vision alters the experience altogether. In this work, I focused on the perceived frame rather than the physical. I played around with optical illusions in the form of the “lasting image”, familiarising the eye to see what is already there and thus, this video acts as a medium for the eye to experience that. 

The video was split into 2 parts divided by the two techniques that I carried out to produce the flashing images. The first was the digital version where I would digitally manipulate the image on Adobe Photoshop. The second technique was a more analogue approach where I cut out the image physically and then layered them over before scanning– approaching it like a stop-motion animation. I developed this technique/method as seen in the images as a take on Photograms through referencing artists like Len Lye, Stan Brakhage, Man Ray and also the text Eyes, Lies and Illusions by Mannoni and Warner. 

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