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Acrylic on canvas 

24in x 24in

The layers of interdependence between foliage in the rainforest inspired Foliage Collage. With its complex intricacies, I approached the work as a collage in an attempt to capture the volume and amalgamation of the elements in the forest. The idea is to give a sense of depth and space through repetition and overlapping. It is not depicted realistically– tropical and temperate plants and leaves are all mixed together creating a false environment. The exaggerated colours and multiple sources of light also add on to the surreal quality. They are composed in a way that the leaves crouch to form a spiral surrounding the source of light in the background in contrast to the dark foreground. This tunnel-like vision presented to the viewers display a sense of mystery and longing. The arrangement of the leaves invites viewers to observe and discover new elements between all the layers and darkness. 



Acrylic on canvas 

30in x 30in

I reattempted Foliage Collage for the second time for a Mercy Relief auction. Personally, I treated this as an exercise and thoroughly enjoyed the process of studying actual leaves, imagining some and then coming back home to paint them day by day. Visually, this second attempt is brighter and has a higher contrast with the use of more oranges and yellows as compared to the dimmer and cooler tones used in the in the first attempt. I think it is just interesting to see that although they follow the same sort of guidelines, the result of the paintings just one year apart look drastically different. 

The entire setting for this second attempt was entirely different. For Foliage Collage II, I sat painting by my balcony surrounded by huge lush greens. In the image above I really enjoyed the relationship the painting had with its immediate surroundings. The reflection against the glass panels that separated the physical trees from the 2-dimensional foliage on the canvas also added an interesting dimension that I would like to look into further. 

Brainstorming/Exploration on colour and foliage: 

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