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Queer show 2022

Group show at Starch in collaboration with Grey Projects

The Final Blessing (vid installation, 2020)

Just Tired For Some Reason (painting 2022)

Tables/mind maps of our chosen families


The Final Blessing, 2020

Sound/video installation 

Wooden kneeler, wooden tables,  palm ash, toothbrush, mini camera, mirror and holy water

This is the second rendition/set up of this installation originally made in July 2020. Read more about the first set up here.


The mini camera has always been the main method in these recorded performances. In my practice I often talk about the observer being observed. Here, I am performing a ritual in front of a mirror, a camera is placed on me recording through the reflection of the mirror. 


Personal captions alongside a voiceover taken from an online mass video by the Archbishop.

A piece paralleling religious rituals with bathroom/cleansing rituals (Purity vs. Dirt). A ritual I created based on the practice of Ash Wednesday- a solemn holy day for Catholics where palm ash is marked on their foreheads in the shape of a cross. To base oneself to repent for their sins, a reminder of mortality. I decided to do this ritual in my own personal bathroom with my own take- does it make it any less sacred?

The notion of the sink as my altar was something I worked on for the entirety of my final year in my degree. A timely and urgent attempt to cleanse myself off a strange guilt and shame that I held on to. And in retrospect, the paramount of me coming into my queerness.


I used palm ash bought off a catholic online store. I also ended up making my own palm ash a few years ago.


Just Tired For Some Reason, 2022

Oil on canvas 

30 in x 30 in

Read more in detail here.


For this year's queer show, the 4 of us were invited to make little mind maps of our chosen families. Pieces of memorabilia, reminders of kinship and structures that have been integral in our identities. These are things I have had pasted up on my wall for a long time, some are really old and some are recent.

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