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Art by Aly Mo



Alyshea Mo (b.1998) is a
multi-disciplinary artist exploring the notion of belonging through painting, sound, video installations and performance. 

With an underlying personal take on queerness and religion, her search for a sense of home exists in
in-between spaces: inside & outside, the familiar & the uncanny, the observer & observed.

These are also explored through BYALYMO where her art and
hand-crafted items are available for purchase. 
She also writes and
co-edits for internationally published art magazine, 
Now & Again.

Original Oil Paintings

Usually characterised by a darker colour palette, my paintings are of personal events, domestic spaces and uncanny shapes and explorations.

Composing half based on reality and half imagined, my works are often painted from memory with a surrealistic approach. 

Painted from an observer's perspective, I enjoy exploring the power dynamics between the viewer and the work. My recent tiny paintings further explore this notion that when things are smaller, we tend to look closer. However, upon inspection, we might realise something stares right back.




BYALYMO is a collection of what I create and produce. Birthed as a means to support my practice, the brand documents and shares my journey as a practitioner with whoever's watching. 

From apparel to art prints, each piece is sustainably hand-done where no two pieces are alike.

They are explorations of concepts and techniques that inspire my practice, creating a feedback loop that continue to inform my art.

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